Cat Memorial Stone

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The Cat Memorial Stone is a beautiful and heartwarming tribute to your beloved cat!

Memorial Stones from weatherproof materials provide a tranquil space to remember your furry friend. From angelic wings to gentle paw prints, each beautiful outdoor tribute comes in various heartwarming shapes and sizes, perfect for personalizing with the name or message of your furry companion - as the sun glistens down upon these long-term mementos that tell stories of purrs and playful paws etched forever into your garden's fabric.

Note: Please email after placing your order to customize an item, and we will do it as quickly as possible.

  • Material: Resin
  • Weight: 8*6.5*3 inches
  • Garden Sanctuary: These cat memorial stones create a peaceful outdoor space to remember your beloved feline friend.
  • Everlasting Love: Durable stones withstand the elements, preserving your pet's memory for years.
  • Personalize Your Way: Make your cat's name, message, or paw print uniquely yours.
  • Touching Shapes: Choose from hearts, angels, paw prints, and more - symbolizing your special bond.
  • Whispers of Comfort: Pre-written sentiments like "Forever in my heart" offer gentle solace.