Sleeping Cat Angel Memorial Stone

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Sleeping Cat Angel Memorial Stone is a heartwarming tribute to your beloved feline companion.

Say hello to the Sleeping Cat Angel - Pet Memorial Stone, a unique way to keep the memory of your fantastic feline alive. This little angel kitty curled up peacefully on a smooth white stone is like a big hug from your pal, even when they're no longer around.

Every detail, from the fluffy fur to the gentle wings, is super cute and calming, reminding you of all the fun times you shared. Plus, it's tough enough to stay happy indoors or outdoors, whether you put it in your garden, by your favorite hangout spot, or anywhere else that brings back great memories.

Think of the Sleeping Cat Angel as a reminder that your love for your pet is super strong, no matter what. It's like a little piece of their spirit staying with you forever! So why wait? Order your pet memorial stone today and let their memory shine bright!

P.S. After you order, you can email and tell them about your special friend's birthday and when they crossed the rainbow bridge. They'll make sure your sleeping cat memorial stone is extra perfect!

  • Material: Stone 
  • Weight: 1.85 pounds
  • Serene white angel cat statue resting peacefully in white stone
  • Exquisite detail captures the essence of your beloved cat
  • Durable and weather-resistant for a lasting memorial in any space
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor placement
  • A heartfelt gift for anyone who has lost a cherished feline friend
  • Provides solace and comfort during the grieving process
  • Tangible symbol of remembrance for your beloved cat
  • Helps keep their memory alive and honor their presence