House Cat Wool Woven Collar


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Give your feline friend some extra style and warmth with our adorable House Cat Wool Woven Collar. 

This isn't just any accessory – it's a cozy, snug collar that'll make your cat the envy of the neighborhood.

Crafted from knitted wool, this collar is not just about looks; it's a cozy, warm hug for your pet. Perfect for chilly days, the wool material ensures your furball stays comfortably insulated while strutting around in style.

Material: Wool

  • Kawaii Design: Adorable and stylish, perfect for your fashionable feline.
  • Knitted Wool: Provides ultimate coziness and insulation for your cat.
  • Ideal for Chilly Weather: Keeps your pet snug during colder seasons.
  • Comfortable Fit: Ensures your cat stays cozy without any discomfort.
  • Novelty Accessory: Adds a touch of charm to your cat's look while keeping them warm.