Creative Cat Paw Straw Cup


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Creative Cat Paw Straw Cup - offers convenient sipping while being stylish!

Crafted with sturdy plastic that meets BPA-free standards and is built for durability - your beverages will stay neatly packed inside for on-the-go sipping pleasure! Stunning your inner feline today! With an adorable combination of pastel ice cream and cat aesthetics, this cup is an essential item for beverage enthusiasts looking to sip in style. Equipped with a reusable plastic straw and 201-300mL capacity - grab one today to add feline charm to your hydration regimen!

  • Material: Plastic

  • Size: Length: 16cm / 6.29" Width: 9cm / 3.54"

  • Capacity: 201-300ml

  • Adorable cat paw design: Unleash your inner feline with this cute and trendy cup.
  • Durable and safe: Made with high-quality, 100% BPA-free plastic for worry-free sipping.
  • Reusable straw: Eco-friendly and convenient, the included straw makes enjoying your drinks a breeze.
  • Ice cream and cat-inspired aesthetic: Pastel colors and a playful design make this cup a standout.
  • Perfect size: 201-300ml capacity is ideal for your favorite beverages.