Cat Collar Lovely Bib Plush Ball


Collections: Bags, Jewelries

Hey cat lovers, got a feline fashionista at home? Meet the Cat Collar Lovely Bib Plush Ball! It’s not just a collar; it’s a statement piece for your furry royalty.

You know those bland, regular collars? Dump 'em! Your cat deserves a style upgrade, and this collar is pure perfection. Made of fancy organza material that's light as a cat's whisker, it's like a tiny, fluffy bib that adds oomph to your cat's swagger. And hey, it's not just for the grown-up whisker crew; even kittens can rock this in style!

Material: Organza

Feature: Personalized

Colour: Blue, Pink, White

  • Material: Crafted from breathable organza, perfect for your cat's comfort.
  • Personalized Style: Elevate your cat’s fashion game with this lace-like collar.
  • Color Choices: Take your pick from Blue, Pink, or White, because why settle for boring?