Fairy Stick Kitten Bell

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Introducing the Fairy Stick Kitten Bell! Hey, cat lovers, get ready for playtime paradise for your furry buddies. 

Crafted from a mix of cozy cotton and durable plastic, this bell is a total game-changer for your playful pals.

What's the fuss? Well, imagine a toy that's a rainbow of colors, and different textures, and comes in heaps of designs. Yep, that's the Fairy Stick Kitten Bell! It's not just a bell; it's got mouse figures, tassels, ball clamps - a whole bundle of fun in every pack!

Looking for a gift that'll make a cat parent do a happy dance? This is it! Keep your cat captivated and cheerful with these playful sticks. Choose from an array of designs and colors or grab the whole set for endless entertainment.

  • Material: Cotton & Plastic

  • 3 in a pack

  • Made with a comfy mix of cotton & strong plastic
  • Packed with varied designs and colors
  • Includes bells, mouse figures, tassels & ball clamps
  • Perfect for gifting to cat lovers
  • Come in a pack of three for non-stop kitty fun!