Cat Ear Luminous Dream Catcher

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Slumber soundly with the Cat Ear Luminous Dream Catcher!

This delightful feline-inspired ornament combines tradition and modernity in one adorable package: featuring a hand-woven wicker web decorated with playful cat ears that glows softly as night falls, lighting your dreams and drawing good vibes into your space. Inspired by Asian cultures, this dream catcher filters out nightmares while encouraging sweet dreams to dance across its web in moonlight-lit nights - an excellent way to bring tranquillity into any room or space! Give yourself magical and serene dreams tonight: Get one now with this Cat Ear Luminous Dream Catcher today!

  • Material: Wicker

  • Weight: 68g

  • Lucky charm
  • Feline flair
  • Luminous magic
  • Hand-crafted beauty
  • Lightweight design